Quit Procrastinating – Process The Shot!

Why does it take me a year to go through and edit my photo’s? 

The Joy for me is in taking the shot, being outdoors and breathing the fresh air. I find balance in the peace and quiet that surrounds me. If I could just have those moments in nature, without the post processing I would be a happy girl, but that’s not how it works. Unfortunately when I get home, the balance is gone…  Post processing is work to me…. I know I need to take a class and learn the tricks of the trade but, but, but… No more but’s I will find the joy in finishing the shot.

These images are from a year ago, and I haven’t spent any time editing, or even looking at these pictures, and I have hundreds, maybe even thousands more to go through just from the past two years. Find a class now; I know!

I have set goals and created projects for myself for the next year. The ultimate goal for post processing is to find my joy in it… Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Learn | Delete | Edit | Organize


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